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Enterprise Profile


As one of the member companies under China Minmetals Corporation, and a subsidiary of China Metallurgical Group Corporation (MCC), Zhongye Changtian International Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) has been engaged in an integral business and technological package covering engineering consulting, design, technological R&D, equipment manufacturing, general engineering contracting, project management, project investment, financing and construction. The Company has been supporting China’s steel industry for more than sixty years and has worked out a number of excellent projects for those large and medium-sized Chinese steelmaking enterprises including Baosteel, and clients from more than 20 countries on the strength of its champion technologies. Its service capability of the whole industrial chain and all life cycle as well as the cutting edge in the field of metallurgical engineering make it a “national leader” of metallurgical steelmaking as a general construction contractor, integrated equipment manufacturer and service supplier of project operation and management.


In the new period of historical development, the Company is committed to transformation, upgrading and sustainable development with a new strategy of being “National Leader of Metallurgical ironmaking;Pioneer in Energy Conservation and Environment Protection;New Force of Medicare & Urban Construction”. It has a layout of deep involvement in the four business clusters, i.e., metallurgy and mining, energy conservation and environment protection, medicare and urban construction, and intelligent equipment. It is also actively exploring diversified and innovative service models such as integrated design, general contracting, whole-process consulting, digital intelligent equipment, investment and financing, and operation and maintenance, for a high-quality and sustainable development.


【National Leader of Metallurgical Ironmaking】

With its commitment to metallurgy and mining in China over the past six decades, the Company has grown to be the prime brand of China's metallurgical steelmaking as well as a major leader and promoter of China's metallurgical technology and equipment manufacturing. The Company has completed the design and general contracting for hundreds of large-scale mining projects at home and abroad, which is supported by its capabilities of design and general contracting of comprehensive recycling projects, and top-level metal and non-metallic mineral separation in China. It has R&D and building capabilities of a full range of sintering machines below 720 square meters. One example is that it has designed the largest sintering machine project of 660 square meters in China. In fact, it tops the world in terms of the number and area of sintering machine projects, which it has designed and built. With its special expertise, the Company has designed one of the largest oxidized pellet projects. The coal-based direct reduction iron making (one-step method) technology it has independently developed has been first industrialized around the world.


While committed to the development of metallurgical projects in China, the Company responds actively to the “going global” strategy by offering engineering consulting, design, general contracting as well as equipment supply to over 20 countries, including Brazil, Japan, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Australia, bringing China's metallurgical technologies and equipment to the world and won worldwide praise.


【Pioneer in Energy Conservation and Environment Protection】

The Company has been active to make its own contribution in energy conservation and environmental protection. It has established subsidiaries to specialize in these two fields as a pioneer in energy conservation and environment protection. The specialized subsidiaries mainly engage in waste heat and energy utilization, solid waste treatment and disposal, and prevention of atmospheric pollution, water pollution and physical pollution, pollution restoration and other environmental protection and resource recycling, making a relatively complete environmental protection industry chain that can offer a full range of environmental management services. With a number of core patents and proprietary technologies, the Company is in a leading position regarding the design level and technical strength in China. It is an energy-saving service enterprise, approval of which was reviewed and filed by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance. It won such titles as “a pilot unit of environmental services in Hunan Province”, “the top ten environmental protection enterprises in Hunan Province”, and “an advanced enterprise promoting ‘going global’ in environment protection, and “a AAA enterprise of credit among nationwide enterprises in environmental protection”. In the field of metallurgy and environmental protection, the Company independently developed a series of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly core technologies that reach the international advanced level, such as high-efficiency utilization technology of sintering waste heat, direct-connected bell-type furnace waste heat boiler, coordinated treatment technology on activated carbon flue gas multi-pollutants, etc. These technologies are greatly improving energy conservation and consumption reduction in the steelmaking industry. It holds a strong technical strength in urban environmental protection fields such as industrial hazardous waste treatment, heavy metal treatment, soil remediation, landfill and incineration power generation, and industrial wastewater treatment, with its clients from around China. It is a leader in the field of hazardous waste treatment and landfill. The Company will continue to pursue the dream of “clean water and blue sky”, expand and refine its energy conservation and environmental protection business, and strive to become a leader in comprehensive development and a supplier of operation and management services in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection.


【New Force of Medicare & Urban Construction】

Holding a concept of “Better City Life”, the Company is devoting itself to the construction of infrastructures of medicare, urban infrastructure, and road transportation with an aim to be a leading enterprise in the whole life cycle service of medicare and urban construction in China. In this regard, the Company contracted the project of the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (Langfang Hospital Branch) under the model of EPC, which is the first Class-IIIA comprehensive tumor hospital with a proton center in North China, and No. 5 Xiangya Hospital, the largest and the most advanced large-scale comprehensive Class-IIIA hospital in Hunan Province, with its comprehensive ability in building large-scale urban construction projects and strong financing and operation capabilities. It designed the construction project for Shenzhen Civil Affairs Rehabilitation Center (A and B branches), which is among the first batch of rehabilitation and hospice hospitals invested by the national civil affairs system. It contracted the project of building Yunlong Avenue in Zhuzhou of Hunan Province under the model of BT (Build-Transfer), the urban arterial road with the largest one-time investment and the longest mileage in Zhuzhou. Besides, it contracted the engineering survey project with the largest single contract value in the urban infrastructure in Hunan Province in recent years. These projects make the company rank in the forefront of Hunan Province in terms of number and volume of the projects it has participated in the whole process of engineering consulting and supervision.


While based in the market of Hunan Province, the Company has been deeply developing the market of national strategic projects such as Xiong’an New Area and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It won the bids for several engineering supervision projects in Xiong’an New Area, the first government-invested highway technical consulting project and the first bridge full-process engineering consulting project in Huizhou of Guangdong Province. It has gained high recognition from all circles involved with its high-quality and efficient services.


The Company keeps studying the market and insists on promoting technological innovation in environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving. The Company has successively established 3 national R&D platforms including the National Sintering Pellet Equipment System Engineering Technology Research Center, 3 provincial and ministerial scientific research platforms, 6 self-built professional laboratories, 2 laboratories jointly built with universities, and 4 research and demonstration bases by partnering with steelmakers. All these platforms are supported by a high-quality scientific research team and expert team comprised of by masters in engineering survey and design as well as the chief experts working with MCC. In recent years, it has undertaken projects under the National 863 Program, National Science and Technology Support Program, key national scientific research projects, major industrial technology development projects of the National Development and Reform Commission, and Science and Technology Planning Program of Hunan Province, and has won more than 400 awards for outstanding projects, scientific progress and invention at national, provincial and ministerial levels. It has successively presided over or participated in the compilation of more than 80 national and industry standards and norms in the fields of sintering, pelletizing, beneficiation, flue gas treatment, medicare in China. With more than 1,100 valid patents and more than 60 proprietary technologies, it has won many honors and awards such as the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, China Patent Gold Award, China Patent Silver Award, China Patent Excellence Award, the first prize of Metallurgical Science and Technology, and the first prize of Hunan Science and Technology Progress Award, MCC Science and Technology Special Award, to name a few.


With its leading technologies, standardized management, high-quality services and outstanding performance, the Company enjoys a good reputation and high brand awareness in the industry both at home and abroad. The company has won the title of “Reliable Enterprise” for 25 and 30 consecutive years respectively at Hunan provincial level and Changsha municipal level. The Shanghai Baosteel Project and Ansteel’s technical transformation and expansion projects, which the Company has taken part in, were selected into the list of “One Hundred Classical and Excellent Projects in 60 Years of New China”. In 2009, the Company obtained the “National May 1st Labor Certificate”.


The Company looks ahead into the future and will continue to uphold the simple but well-established spirit of “working without delay and slack even for a day”, and move towards the goal of “making the metallurgical industry more environmentally friendly, making our homes cleaner, and making urban life better” in an innovative way.